Angel Card Readings

What you should know about Angel Cards, also known as Oracle Cards.

Some people genuinely love to allow the universe to guide them by connecting with its energy. I sure do! Oracle readings are very intuitive & offer guidance to your questions.


The Difference Between Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards

Oracle cards have no specific type or number of cards in the deck and are usually themed, such as romance, angels, spirit, moonology, crystals and more. They are the "chiller cousin" to tarot, have are no specific rules & are easier to interpret. When reading oracle cards, I rely on my intuition, the words on the card & what I draw from the pictures.

Tarot cards have a traditional structure & each card has a common meaning. There are 78 cards in a tarot deck organized by the Major & Minor Arcana. Tarot readings are generally about life in the broader sense (the fools journey) and day-to-day experiences.

One is not better than the other. Both offer unique ways of helping individuals seek guidance & insight into their future.  They can be used together in a reading as well.


Here are some examples typical Angel Card Readings

Messages from Loved One

Love & Relationships


3 Card Draw

Emailed to you with photos & description


30 Minute Reading Via Zoom

Intuitive Guidance


45 Minute Reading Via Zoom

Intuitive Guidance


Why should you get a reading from Tammy?

  • She is highly intuitive & also draws from life experiences to offer guidance.

  • She has been connecting with spirit since she lost her youngest son in 2014. He works with her from the other side

  • She has learned from some of the best in the biz - Radleigh Valentine, Kyle Gray and Courtney Long as well as being a graduate of the Intuitive Guidance program at SWIHA

  • Check out her testimonials. A recent one from Beatriz R. says "Wow she was spot on. It’s the messages I keep hearing so it feels good to confirm the good feelings I have about my future. I would definitely recommend!"

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