Are you stuck in your loss

& don't know how to move forward?

Are you searching for purpose in the loss?

Do you want to find joy in your life again?

No one plans to lose a loved one.

When it happens, the pain is overwhelming. We are not taught how to deal with loss.

I have been where you are. I found joy in my life again and I can help you too, if you want it.

Do you want to find purpose in the loss? Do you want to find your way back to joy?

As a Grief Empowerment Guide, Tammy uses her intuition and coaching skills to assist others to work through their grief. She created a program, Ladder of Hope, which she uses as the basis for her support groups and one-on-one coaching sessions. She incorporates Reiki, crystals, sound healing, aromatherapy and connecting with spirit in her healing sessions, to assist others in finding their way back to joy after loss. Discover how to manage grief, move forward in life, learn to process the loss when emotions arise, move through them more quickly and find joy in life with each new day.

If you want to move forward in your grief, this is for you...

  • Master holistic tools to help you move thru the grief
  • find purpose in the loss
  • connect with your loved one thru Oracle Cards and meditation
  • REceive healing and find joy in life again

We all grieve in our own space and time. Never let anyone tell you how to move through your grief.

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